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Forged Rings for Industry

Specialty Ring Products is going through exciting changes. The new century brings greater opportunity to serve customers than any time in our one hundred twenty year history.  A feature article is in Forge magazine.

Full-service in-house Machining Capacity

SRP can better serve customers with new lathes in operation.

Daewoo Puma V550 vertical turning lathe (up to 30" OD).

Doosan Puma 300 horizontal CNC lathes (up to 15" OD).

Daewoo Puma 250 CNC lathes (up to 15" OD).

Building opened adjacent to the forging area, specifically to machine forging tools.

Three new lathes and more personnel added to four existing lathes for this new area.

Equipment Purchases

  • Additional electrical heat treating furnace to eliminate bottlenecks and outsourcing.
  • Additional rotary forging furnace to eliminate downtime during maintenance.
  • Additional shot blasting equipment and relocation of the shot-blasting area.
  • New 75 hp abrasive saw cuts up to 6.5" round bar stock into billets.
  • New vertical turning lathe to eliminate bottlenecks and outsourcing.
  • Two New horizontal CNC lathes to increase machining capability.
  • Production line and ring mill to increase rolling size capability.
  • Two additional Wagner 630 ring mills (not yet in operation). 

Process Improvements

  • Increased machining capability and capacity.
  • Machining of forged rings products and tooling have been segregated into two separate buildings.
  • Added paving and fencing for a direct path from the tooling storage room to the forge and tooling machine areas.