Industries Served



SRP’s extensive experience in meeting the exacting needs of leading companies in the aerospace industry allows us to provide precise and innovative manufacturing and material solutions to aerospace and defense customers. Our products can be found in the most demanding aviation applications such as jet engines and helicopter rotor assemblies. Our seamless rolled rings and forged rings are ideal for the aerospace industry.



SRP works with governmental and private entities to meet the needs of the defense industry by providing the highest quality assurance while meeting the most exacting specifications. As a result of our expertise and devotion to quality our forgings can be found in military applications including aviation, naval, artillery and ordinance. Our forged products are ideal for defense applications.




SRP provides the power generation industry with the highest quality rolled rings and machining services by applying the precision, advanced solutions, and rigorous quality assurance we deliver to our aerospace customers. Because our products meet the demanding standards required for performance and reliability, SRP products are used by leading OEMs and manufacturers of turbine generators.



SRP is a preferred supplier of forged rings and disks for a variety of industrial applications. The precision and superior structural integrity of our forgings make them ideal for the high duress requirements of off-highway equipment, rail and sea transport, and milling equipment. Together with our meticulous processes and exemplary customer service, SRP provides the ideal solution for your forging needs.




SRP supports the bearing industry with the highest quality rolled rings and machining services by applying precision, advanced solutions, and rigorous quality assurance to every product we deliver. Our expertise in profiling rings with conforming grain flow helps our customers produce bearings of the highest strength and reliability.




Specialty Ring Products is a leading supplier of forgings to the gear manufacturing industry. SRP’s seamless rolled rings and gear blanks are machined by our customers into the most complex gear designs used in the most stressful applications for the most critical applications, such as helicopter gear boxes and heavy earth moving equipment.