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Four ring rolling mills are used to produce hot-rolled seamless forged rings for aerospace, bearing and industrial markets.

Contoured Rolled Rings

Contoured Rolled Ring Profiles
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Start with a hot-rolled shape…To finish with a lower final cost.

Unique capability
We profile near net shape rings, reducing material and machining costs.

Less Machining
Hot-rolled rings closely match the contour of the finished shape, resulting in substantially lower production costs.

Less Waste
Minimal material waste from billet to rolled ring. Fewer reheating cycles reduces scale loss.

Stronger Rings
Hot-rolled rings provide superior mechanical properties. Denser. More uniform flow lines. Less distortion during subsequent heat treating cycles.

Wide Range
Any forgeable material . . . most types of carbon, alloy, stainless steels . . . and a wide variety of aerospace metals. ID and OD cross-section contours in sizes up to 20 inches.

Roll the shape in … Roll the cost down.

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