Aluminum Rolled Rings: What Are the Benefits?

A stack of aluminum rolled rings

At Specialty Ring Products (SRP), we’ve seen an increase in the number of customers asking us to manufacture aluminum rolled rings.

Aluminum rings are:

  • Lightweight
  • Extremely durable
  • Able to resist corrosion

These factors make aluminum rolled rings an ideal choice for the types of high-stress applications often found in the defense and aerospace industry. In fact, forged aluminum’s low density relative to steel makes it an ideal candidate for aerospace applications.

When applications call for a high-strength, circular cross-section component, rolled ring forging has no match.

The process typically begins with an open-due forging to create a doughnut-shaped ring. From there, rollers put pressure on the pre-form until they achieve your desired wall thickness and height. The resulting rings are then machined into their final dimensions for use in bearings, gears and seals.

Due to aluminum’s greater malleability compared to steel, aluminum rolled rings must be rolled at a slower rate under consistent pressure. Aluminum needs a lower temperature, which means special furnaces are required during production.

SRP’s capabilities with aluminum extend to a variety of alloys including 1100, 2014, 2024, 2219, 5083, 5086, 6061, 6063, 7049, 7050, 7075, 7079, 7175 and 7475. We can forge aluminum rolled rings to a maximum diameter of 30 inches and a maximum height of 5 inches.

SRP produces aluminum rings, disks and near net shapes that consistently meet the demanding specifications of its customers.

We are AS 9100 Rev D and ISO 9001:2015 certified and maintain the most rigorous quality assurance processes in the industry. Our devotion to the quality of our products has earned us approvals from some of the leading aerospace and defense companies in the world and made us a leader in the forging industry for more than 130 years.

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