How to Choose a Reputable Rolled Ring Supplier

As a manufacturer of heavy-duty equipment or machinery, it is critical that you identify a quality provider of seamless rolled rings.  These rolled rings often represent a significant point of failure in many products used in the aerospace, defense and energy industries.  These parts must be durable, resilient and able to handle extremes in temperature, pressure and adverse weather conditions.  Choosing the right partner for your seamless rolled rings is really about four things:

  1. A proven history
  2. Certification
  3. Thorough testing
  4. On-time delivery

Does the supplier have a proven history in the manufacturing of seamless rolled rings?

There are lots of “me-too” vendors out there whose sole focus is low cost, low quality solutions.  Most of these firms come and go very quickly because their products cannot stand the true test of time.  When you choose a rolled ring provider, you should be looking for a partner with a long, successful history of delivering high quality, high durability forged ring solutions.  Without this, you are risking the quality of your own products and your reputation in the industry.  You should also consider for which major manufacturers the supplier has been designated as an “approved supplier.”

Is the supplier certified?

AS9100 Revision C and ISO 9001:2008 compliance assures you that the supplier:

  1. Has established and maintains quality assurance systems that are data-driven and audited regularly.
  2. Addresses quality issues with specific improvement plans.
  3. Monitors the effectiveness of these action plans in subsequent reviews.

Risk assessment is also a very important step in the quality process, especially for first-time orders that entail a new part or production process.  Proactive assessments which examine the entire production process to identify potential disruptions (e.g. – late materials or line down time) and present remedies to address them – BEFORE they become a real problem.

Does the supplier do thorough testing to guarantee reliability?

Your supplier’s adherence to industry quality standards and specifications, investments in the latest machining technology, and quality assurance and testing standards are all critical elements to ensure reliability. Every forged ring delivered should be dimensionally and physically inspected and marked for traceability prior to shipment.

Will the supplier deliver on-time?

The complex relationships that make up your supply chain are essential to your success.  Your supplier must embrace the role they play in your success and deliver on-time, every time.

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