Quality Policy

SRP is AS9100 Rev-D certified and recognized as one of the premier suppliers of quality ring forgings, and we are committed to continuously enhancing the high level of product- and service quality our customers have come to expect. 

SRP staff and teams work in concert across all of our operational units to ensure exceptional quality.

SRP’s data-driven quality assurance systems are subject to regular internal audits and certified to be AS9100 Revision D and ISO9100:2015 compliant.  Any quality issues that arise are addressed with specific improvement plans, the effectiveness of which is evaluated in subsequent reviews.

As an additional quality control step, SRP conducts risk assessments for any first-time orders that require a new part or production process.  These proactive assessments examine the entire production process to identify areas of potential disruption, (e.g. late materials or line downtime), and present remedies.

SRP is an approved supplier for the following aerospace companies:

  • Bell Helicopter – Certified Supplier, Premier Status
  • Pratt & Whitney – Laboratory-Controlled Source
  • Rolls-Royce – Approval
  • Honeywell – Approval
  • Sikorsky – Approval
  • Electric Boat – Approval

SRP understands the complexity of our customers’ supply chains, and we can play an enabling role in the process. We place the utmost importance on ensuring that our products are delivered exactly when needed to avoid costly disruptions.

On the rare occasions that problems arise, we take a proactive approach to communicate with our customers about the issues and propose remedies. Likewise, if other links in the supply chain experience problems or delays, SRP has the flexibility to adjust our production schedule accordingly.