By combining our material and design experience with industry-leading facilities, SRP is able to forge seamless rolled rings and disks with the structural integrity needed to meet the most demanding customer specifications.  One key is a forging process that orients the grain flow circumferentially, providing superior fatigue and impact resistance.  We press, pierce, roll, and heat treat on site to simplify the ordering process and keep costs low.

Forging Equipment

  • Mechanical and Hydraulic Forging Presses
    • A variety of forging presses are available to preform the heated cut mults in three stages
  • Mechanical Sizing Presses
    • Sizing Presses are used to provide closer dimensional control following ring rolling
  • Ring and Radial/Axial Ring-Rolling Mills
    • Four station ring rolling mills are used to produce a multiple of shapes
    • Forged ring contours closely follow the shape of the finished ring
  • Hydraulic Expanders
  • Air Gas Hearth Rotary and Box Forging Furnaces
    • Forging furnaces are fueled by natural gas
    • Back-up source of Propane
    • Back-up furnace
    • Furnaces are automatically controlled to maintain a close temperature range
    • Temperatures are charted for each production run and maintained for future reference
  • Cutting Equipment
    • Automatic abrasive cutting machines
    • Automatic carbide saws
    • Insures the dimensional uniformity of the final product
  • Hardness Testers
  • Heat Treating Furnaces
    • Rolled rings are heat treated to customer specification
  • Insulated Cooling Bins
  • Cleaning Equipment
    • Rotoblast cleaning equipment is used to descale rolled or heat treated rings
  • Manipulator